Nicholas Southey

corrección con diccionarios

What services do I provide?

I offer a fast, quality translation of your documentation in Spanish or Catalan into plain English.

I can also provide a website localisation service to help you spread your organisation's message to a new audience.

If you have a text that is already in English, written by a native or non-native speaker, I also provide a proofreading service to ensure that they do not contain any grammatical, lexical or spelling errors so that the texts project a professional image for your organisation.


What type of documents?

I work with a huge range of texts from websites to presentations, market reports to advertising campaigns, theses to professional manuals.

Twelve years' experience working in a diverse range of industries and organisations means that I am comfortable working with texts in many different disciplines and sectors.

How long will it take?

A good translation can't be hurried but let me know your deadline and I will usually be able to adapt my schedule to your requirements.





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